Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wind Chime Revisited

During the Labor Day weekend, a friend's daughter came over and was enamored by the wind chimes that hung by our front door. Little did she know the inspiration of making them came from the Bishop Museum and a wall display. Inspired to own this display I set out to make two panels by nailing over 3500 pailettes to these two boards. I purchased the pailettes from Cartright Sequins. She asked if she could pay me $.25 to make her a small panel. I made an offer that she couldn't refuse.
 I said, " What if I did this for you for free?"
Her eyes lit up and everyone in the room thought that I was just putting her on but here I am creating a hot pink board for her with left over pailettes.

Making a 2x2 ft. Wind Chime takes over 600 pailettes

She'll be so surprised when she receives this.

2 2x6 ft. wind chime boards that took over 3500 pailettes to create and over 40 hours of labor nailing them