Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tippy Toe

While I was waiting for my ride, I was armed with my shoes and a camera. I figured that I'd come up with various ways to shoot photos of my shoes to entertain myself.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Empty Bowl 2011

There is an annual event put on in Chinatown called the Empty Bowl event to help to wipe out hunger. You can buy ceramic bowls for $20 and a bowl of soup is included along with the purchase. They are all donated and handmade by various ceramicist. This year, there were over 4000 bowls to choose from. The line ran from Mark's garage down Nuuanu Street and it wrapped around King street. There was a large turnout. Many local restaurants helped by donating soup which made it a successful event. Art collectors like me could choose and buy a piece and at the same time help to fight hunger in Hawaii.

Above are the two bowls that we purchased. They were made by no named artists.  They symbolize night and day for us.